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Rise of Domestic Family Travel

Increase in Family Accommodation Searches

Increase: With quality time, relaxation, and discovery as top priorities, there has been a 64 percent increase in family accommodation searches compared to last year. Families actively seek accommodations catering to their needs and desires for a memorable summer getaway.

Rise of Domestic Family Travel

Domestic: The rise of domestic family travel is evident, with 41.5 percent of families opting for flights within the U.S. This trend showcases a preference for exploring destinations closer to home, emphasizing convenience and familiarity for families beginning their summer adventures.

For instance, families globally are showing a strong interest in travel, as seen in the 8 percent increase in accommodation searches and a 21 percent rise in flight searches compared to last year. The emphasis on quality time, relaxation, and discovery highlights a growing desire for meaningful and engaging travel experiences among families, setting the tone for a summer filled with memorable adventures.

Quality Time and Relaxation

Motivations: Quality time and relaxation are top priorities for families beginning domestic travel this summer. Sixty-two percent of U.S. families cite spending quality time together as their primary motivator, and 51 percent seek relaxation during their travels. This focus on bonding and unwinding highlights the importance of meaningful family experiences.

Discovery and Culinary Exploration

There’s A growing trend among family travelers to seek out new experiences and culinary delights, with 48 percent aiming to discover new places and 40 percent inspired to travel for culinary exploration. This desire for exploration and gastronomic adventures showcases families’ adventurous spirit and willingness to indulge in diverse food experiences.

Families are looking to relax, bond, and expand their horizons through travel, whether by discovering new destinations or indulging in unique culinary experiences. This trend highlights a shift towards more experiential and culturally enriching family vacations, focusing on creating lasting memories and broadening horizons through exploration.

Trending Destinations for Families

Destinations like Albania, Morocco, Spain, Japan, Brazil, and Croatia are on the rise for family travel this summer. data shows that these countries are gaining popularity among families looking for diverse experiences and cultural exploration.

Budget-Friendly Options and Travel Deals

According to, travel on a budget is a top priority for 51% of U.S. families this summer. More than half of American travelers seek good value for their money and focus on discounts and loyalty programs. This trend highlights the importance of cost-effective travel options for families looking to enjoy vacations while staying within their means.

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